Why is Henry Schein choosing not to continue developing Viive?

In 2010, Henry Schein introduced two new products that are both capable of serving the Mac market—Viive and Dentrix Ascend. Viive is native Mac software and Dentrix Ascend is cloud-based software, which is accessed through a web browser.

Since 2010, a greater number of Mac users have opted for our cloud solution. Dentrix Ascend also has broader support for the entire Apple ecosystem, as it can run entirely on a Mac and on the Apple iPad. Given the current market dynamics, Henry Schein feels that the best solution for our Mac customers is to put all of our resources into Dentrix Ascend.

Will I be able to keep using Viive if I don’t want to go to another practice management system?

Viive customers have a perpetual use license and therefore are free to use it for as long as they wish. However, Henry Schein will no longer support it after August 31, 2018, meaning that we will no longer offer technical support or software updates.

As Apple has a history of upgrading Mac OS every year, it is likely that Viive could soon become incompatible with those upgrades. For this reason, we recommend that our customers stop using Viive when the support runs out.

What support can I expect on Viive during the next two years?

Henry Schein is committed to providing phone-based tech support, bug fixes, regulatory updates and operating system compatibility updates during the remaining years of support. However, we won’t be introducing any new features or feature upgrades during that time.

Can I sell my Viive license?

Henry Schein allows the transfer of software licenses as part of the sale of a dental practice, or as part of this special offer, you may transfer your Viive license to a Dentrix Ascend subscription. However, we don’t allow licenses to be sold outside of a practice transfer.

Are there any features in Viive that are missing in Dentrix Ascend?

Dentrix Ascend has all the features you are familiar with in Viive, but some of the features will be expressed differently in the Dentrix Ascend software. Our sales team can help you understand these differences.

What imaging solutions are available on Dentrix Ascend?

DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend is the preferred imaging solution for our Mac-based customers. Please refer to our website (link to hardware support) to see what other options you may have available for your practice.

Will my add-on services (reminders, claims, etc.) work with Dentrix Ascend?

Dentrix Ascend is designed to natively include electronic services, including reminders, claims, attachments, online booking and more. These services are included in your subscription. At this time, no outside services integrate with Dentrix Ascend.

What will the Dentrix Ascend subscription cost after the one-year license transfer offer expires?

That depends on how many concurrent users your office needs or the number of users who are logged into your Dentrix Ascend account at the same time. Please contact your sales representative to obtain the pricing that works best with your use of the product.

Who should I contact if I need more information about Dentrix Ascend to be sure it will work for my office?

You can call our sales team at 855-622-8448, option 1, to schedule a product demonstration.

Is there anything my office needs to do to be ready to convert to Dentrix Ascend?

There isn’t anything you will need to do with your software to be ready to convert Viive to Dentrix Ascend. When you are ready to convert, please call our implementations team at 855-622-8448, option 3, to schedule your data conversion and training.