New Solution Enables Practice Growth to Mac Users

Henry Schein Practice Solutions reports a growing market demand for Dentrix Ascend (cloud-based) over Viive (Mac-based) as a dental practice management solution.

Mac dentists are choosing Dentrix Ascend because they can continue to use their Macs while gaining these benefits:

  • Worry-free, cloud-based practice management
  • Expansion to multiple offices
  • Mobile access to your practice data
  • Pay-as-you-grow affordability
  • Off-site data storage and assistance with disaster protection

Since the market has shown that cloud-based software is the future of dental practice management, and dentists are not choosing its Mac-based solution, Henry Schein is discontinuing the development and sale of Viive.

The company will continue to support Viive customers who remain on their customer service plans through August 31, 2018 with bug fixes, OS X compatibility development, CDT code updates and regulatory compliance updates.

Transfer Offer for Viive Customers

Henry Schein recommends that Viive customers’ transition to Dentrix Ascend, a cloud-based solution ideally suited for the future of Mac-based dental practices.

Viive customers who transition to Dentrix Ascend before August 31, 2017 will receive the following services for a fee of $1,500 for the first year of your subscription to Dentrix Ascend:*

  • One-year subscription to Dentrix Ascend
  • Implementation of Dentrix Ascend
  • Practice management system data conversion
  • Twelve hours of in-office training on Dentrix Ascend.

Viive customers may begin the transition as early as December 2016. To minimize practice disruption, Henry Schein support specialists will work directly with Viive customers to convert their office data to Dentrix Ascend.

Why Move Forward with Dentrix Ascend?

With Dentrix Ascend, Viive customers will receive the latest advancements in dental software and digital imaging – plus all of the benefits of cloud-based practice management.

Imaging, charting, scheduling and billing can all be done inside Dentrix Ascend without having to install anything. One-click access to patient information and customized workflows for the team improve practice efficiency.

When the practice expands to multiple sites, Dentrix Ascend offers many advantages over server-based practice management solutions.

Talk to a Product Specialist

Changing practice management software is much easier said than done. Henry Schein is committed to help each Viive customer make a smooth transition to Dentrix Ascend, with minimal impact on patients.

To talk to a product specialist about moving to Dentrix Ascend, click here, or call 855-622-8448.

* All prices and fees are subject to change beginning twelve (12) months after the activation of your Ascend subscription.

Viive FAQ Webinar

We will be holding a webinar Thursday October 6 at 1 PM Eastern Time, to provide you with more information on the discontinuation of Viive, and to field questions you may have. You can register for the webinar here

The recorded webinar will be available to watch on demand following the live event.

Mac Dentists: Is the Cloud Better for You?

You want the market leading hardware and software for your dental practice.

What happens when the current technology for your practice isn’t compatible with your Mac hardware? Or, what if a valued team member prefers using a PC or Windows-based device?

Dentrix Ascend presents a better business choice, because you won’t have to worry about technical incompatibility. Your team can use Macs, Apple iPads, PCs and other devices with the latest Google Chrome browser.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about time-consuming IT tasks. Backups, software updates, data storage and server maintenance all happen automatically, in the cloud.

Also, Dentrix Ascend is easy to use. It delivers advanced business, practice management and clinical tools through a natural user interface. Similar to the clean simplicity of the Mac, you can move quickly from new user to expert, reaching full productivity almost immediately.